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Congregation Kol Ami is a vibrant and caring Jewish community connecting our members to Judaism on many levels - emotional, spiritual, intellectual and ethical - enriching our lives through wisdom (Torah) and relationships that are formed with one another and with God (Avodah), and acts of love and kindness (Gemilut Hassadim).

As individuals, and together as a community, we strive to advance these principles by:

  • Forging a close-knit, intergenerational community that will share in our joys and support us in times of sorrow and need - a community where each of us matters.
  • Inspiring our children and adults of all ages to experience the fullness of Jewish learning through love of Torah, intellectual openness and lifelong study.
  • Helping each individual to find his or her own path to a relationship with God and to experience a life of blessing and purpose.
  • Instilling within our members a sense of obligation toward each other and the broader community, moving us to be active participants in Tikun Olam, the repair of the world.
  • Fostering a personal and religious connection to the State of Israel and all our fellow Jews, furthering the goal of peace and harmony among all Jews and all humanity.
  • Creating in our synagogue joyful worship experiences, rich with the rhythms of Jewish music and story.
  • Empowering our members to live daily lives rich in the symbols and rituals of Jewish living, and fill our homes with the celebrations of the Jewish calendar.
  • Welcoming and reaching out to all who seek to join our temple and participate in the ongoing creation of this vibrant and caring Jewish community

Kol Ami is a tax exempt 501 (c) 3 organization.

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